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Presentations: Craft Clear & Convincing Messages in 3 Steps

October 08, 2016

It's so simple, it'll save you a tonne of time the next time you need to prepare a presentation! 


Join us to learn Leah's simple 3-step approach to make sure a message is clear. A great module to prepare a presentation.

duration:                               four 1-hour sessions

optional complements: TLC sessions (1-1) 

who for:                        anyone who prepares presentations

pre-requisites:                    minimum Stage in English - SA/A


Just chatting ...

February 23, 2023

A place to inspire communication, conversations, and maybe even a little cohesion. 


duration:1 hour 

who for: anyone who would like to make their presentations clearer

what for: debating, diplomacy

pre-requisites: none


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May 28, 2023

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