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The Secrets Your English Teacher Probably didn't Tell You

You don't need to be Shakespeare to write well in English. This module shares insights on how to:

  • Create a clear message

  • Adapt the message to the audience

  • Use a casual tone without being too informal

  • Deal with complaints by email


How to Say It Nicely

It is better to be overly polite than slightly rude, especially in English. This module is for anyone who uses English in the workplace.  It looks at finding an appropriate tone and tactic to:

  • Make not-so-good messages sound less bad

  • Optimise the words we use

  • Deal with questions & interruptions tactfully

  • Be more courteous in our communication

Reduce the Fear of Speaking English

Do you still feel nervous or uncomfortable speaking English? This module offers some practice tips on how to:

  • Get more comfortable on the telephone or in teleconferences

  • Stop getting lost in meetings

  • Deal with moments when you 'draw a blank'

  • Deal with the fear of speaking in public

The Missing Pieces in Learning English

If you need to improve your English but don't know how, this module is for you! Whether you are learning on your own or with a teacher, this simple methodology shows you how to:

  • Prioritise your individual needs

  • Adapt learning to your particular style

  • Learn vocabulary more effectively

  • Fit learning into a busy schedule

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